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Take Action

We Can Stop "NAFTA on Steroids" by Stopping Fast Track: Contact Your Rep./Podemos Parar "el TLCAN con Esteroides" por Parar Fast Track: Contacte a su Representante.
The equation is simple: if we stop Fast Track, it will be virtually impossible for the "NAFTA on Steroids" Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement to be approved. If Fast Track is granted, it will be extremely difficult to stop the TPP. Contact your Representative now!/La equación es sencilla: si paramos el proceso Fast Track (Vía Rápida), será prácticamente imposible aprobarse el Tratado Trans-Pacífico (TPP, por sus siglas en inglés), alias "el TLCAN con esteroides." Si se concede Fast Track, será muy difícil parar el TPP. ¡Contacte a su representante ahora!
Coal Mining Giants: Stop the Abuses in Colombia
Tell coal mining giants that people and the environment are more precious than corporate profits! Workers and communities in Colombia call on you to take action and demand that three mining giants, Drummond Coal, Goldman Sachs and Cerrejon, abide by international and Colombian laws.
Pressure for justice: GM dealership visits
Hold GM accountable for labor rights violations in Colombia by delivering a letter to your local GM dealership Jan 14-29 during the Detroit Auto Show.
Standing with Striking GM Workers on International Human Rights Day!
Hold GM accountable for labor rights violations in Colombia by taking action in support of workers on hunger strike.
Colombian activist featured on PBS coming to the Great Lakes this fall
Francia Marquez, an Afro-Colombian activist featured on PBS, will visit the Great Lakes states of IL, IN, OH and MI from October 29 to November 14. Contact Witness for Peace to host her in your community.
Urgent Action: Colombian union leaders in danger
Take action to stand up for Colombian union leaders facing death threats. Unionists have received over 500 death threats resulting in 29 assassinations in just over a year.
Set the record straight on Obama's trip to Colombia
The press coverage of President Obama's recent trip Colombia for the Summit of the Americas was very one-sided. Now you can help set the record straight in just a minute by sending a letter to the editor through the WFP online action center.
Call Congress Now to Stop the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement!
Please make a call to Congress today to say no to trade deals that will kill jobs at home while hurting workers, farmers and the environment in Colombia, Panama and South Korea.
Why Oppose the Colombia, Panama and Korea trade agreements?
Join us in opposing the pending free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and Korea.
Call Congress: National Day of Action for Colombia
Call Congress to demand U.S. policy toward Colombia that promotes peace, economic justice and human rights.
Support the TRADE Act
The TRADE Act would renegotiate NAFTA and CAFTA. It's gaining ground in Congress and needs your support.