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Action Alerts

We stand in solidarity with our neighbors in Latin America by boldly taking action to change U.S. policies and corporate practices.  Thank you for standing up for peace and justice by responding to the action alerts below.

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Port Workers' Union in Colombia Demands Justice: Hold U.S. Policymakers Accountable to Labor Action Plan Promises
The Black Lives Matter movement has resonated with the Port Workers' Union in Colombia, as they continue to demand justice for a predominately Afro-Colombian work force. Answer the Union's call for international solidarity as they demand that their employers respect labor rights./El movimiento Black Lives Matter (Las Vidas de l@s Afro Importan) ha resonado con la Unión Portuaria en Colombia, ya que el sindicato sigue exigiendo la justicia para una fuerza laboral mayormente afrocolombiana. Responde al llamado de la Unión para la solidaridad internacional mientras exige que sus empleadores respeten los derechos laborales.
In the wake of Carlos' murder, stand up for justice in Honduras
Last month, Carlos Mejia Orellana was killed in his home. He was a part of the team at Radio Progreso - a radio station in El Progreso, Yoro, Honduras. Join us in protesting this senseless murder and take action now to protect human rights defenders in Honduras.
Send words of encouragement for a newly formed Colombian peace community
In Colombia's largest port of Buenaventura, displacement, extortion, and brutal murders have reached a fever pitch. But La Playita took a brave stand against fear and violence. Send them a message of support!
Adelante! Peace with Justice for ALL Colombians
Now is your chance to tell Washington to support peace in Colombia. Join thousands from across the United States in a National Day of Action for Peace in Colombia by contacting your representatives in Washington to call for peace and economic justice.
National Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia
Colombia's faith communities stand firmly for peace amidst grueling violence. Now they ask your faith community to join them through the National Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia.