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Delegations to Cuba

People-to-People Cuba Travel License Granted!

Witness for Peace is happy to announce that we have been granted a renewal of our People-to-People license for travel to Cuba. WFP is now able to organize delegations that will offer a full-time schedule of educational exchange activities that will result in meaningful interaction between delegates and Cubans. Now, even more people will be able to benefit from the unique opportunity to visit our island neighbor and learn more about changing U.S./Cuban relations. 

Our two-year license from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) allows WFP to take delegations to Cuba under the "People-to-People" category. This travel category provides for educational exchanges when those exchanges promote people-to-people contact. Delegation themes range from arts and culture, education and law to sustainable agriculture and health care.

In light of the license renewal, WFP will be expanding its list of upcoming delegations to include additional themes as well as delegations that will provide a general overview of how U.S. policy impacts people in Cuba. Delegations that were postponed while we were waiting to receive our license will be given first priority. However, if you are interested in planning a delegation to Cuba and have traveled to Cuba at least once we will be maintaining a list of interested Coordinators, so please contact the National Delegations Organizer, Ken Crowley,, 202-423-3402 and provide the best month and your primary interest in traveling to Cuba. If interested in joining a scheduled upcoming delegation please click here for more information and/or to complete the application.

Cuban Popular Educator Toured New England in October 2015
Arial Dacal Diaz, a Cuban popular educator, toured New England in October 2015.
"We Must Live Together In A World With Different Systems" Report-Back from January 2015 Cuba Education Delegation
Reflections on WFP's January 2015 education delegation to Cuba, by delegation coordinator Dixie Olmstead.